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So, this independent study thing is getting out of hand, but I respect anyone out there in the real world working. I’d respect you more if you bought me a coffee when you got rich.

I didn’t want to tell you this, but you’re doing twice as much work as everyone else–working and all, then doing all this economics stuff. Actually you’re doing 3x as much work, since I’m trying to squeeze in even more with these real-person books and all.

Work for A Week: October 6-10 and F Week: October 13–17   Note that there are links to chapter outlines in that link. Don’t ignore my links. They’re put there to save you work or enhance the learning experience. You’re welcome.

Work for F Week November 10–November 14 and A week November 17–21: We’re watching “Freakonomics” and looking at things like causation vs. correlation, seeing some crazy examples here,  what economists study, and a bunch of ways you can see economics all around you. I’d love for you to see the movie somehow (or read the book). The movie streams on Prime and is on Netflix. Pick two of your favorite examples from the movie and render your opinions, backed up with the data. Then, pose a thesis of your own and test or research your thesis. Does it look like your thesis is legit? Where can economics be used in your day-t0-day life outside of the standard money, budget, and checkbook stuff?

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