Genius Hour

About Genius Hour

We’ve discussed the ten themes we’ll be investigating this year in our classes. You’ve been given the following question: “What breaks your heart.” You answered that. All of your concerns fit in with one of the themes–there are some great problems in the world, from hunger, abuse, bullying, and injustice. You’ve followed the rules in brainstorming, “I will give this my all. I will not hold back.”

You talked to the other groups. You mixed, matched and melded groups. In some cases, groups evolved cross class.

Here’s what we’ve got in production so far… 

  • Three books.
  • Several animal rights activists working on various ideas to help humans interact better with animals and stop animal abuse
  • A website or two in the planning stages
  • One really serious vegetarian who wants to convert the world
  • Someone who’s writing a grant to fund a project
  • An inspiring individual who’s upset that all schools don’t recycle and is taking on that task.
  • People working on hunger and food insecurity
  • People who want to put an end to domestic abuse, bullying, and child abuse

This list will get bigger….

Proposals and action plans coming soon!

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