Got Power?


This Storm of the Century has been raging out there for a good bit now, and I hope that it’s treating everyone as well as can possibly be expected. I have made some resources for you–yes, a Snowpocalypse Learnist board for you to enjoy, including valuable information on “Why this storm is not named after a fish–because that would be illegal.” I included some historical clips to the Blizzard of ’78, which I do remember. I was angry, because my dad called in sick to work, and he was not sick. Therefore, he lied. Lying is bad. I didn’t quite get that by not lying, he’d be virtuous and probably a dadsicle on the side of the road, because everyone drove those awful rear wheel drive cars in the seventies that doubled for stunt crash mobiles in police chase movies.

Yes, it was bad.

Today, looking out my window, I see about two feet or so of snow with some drifts. Please leave a comment and update us as to your power, heat, and condition. Hope you’re all doing well.

Post your photos–best snowman, snow angel, or snow activity gets a prize–once I snow blow myself out to get it! Good luck!!


[Image stolen from my friend Heather’s FB profile. It’s her first snowman, which is either a victory, or pretty sad if you think about how old we are. You decide.  Location: NYC]

Congratulations on Your Efforts!

The Davies community really came together to help victims of Hurricane Sandy last week.  I was proud.  Ms. St. Pierre is a rock star when it comes to organizing a successful event, that is true, but you took the ball and ran with it, scoring more touchdowns than the first half of the last Patriots’ game.

If you hadn’t noticed, the press sure did.  This Sunday, there was a marvelous article about your efforts in the Providence Journal.  I wrote an article in Edudemic, which a national digital education magazine .  The entire nation knows that the William M. Davies Career & Technical High School cares.

Not only do you care and respond–it’s not always easy for you to do so because this is a regional school–you go above and beyond to take action. That’s why I’m so proud.  It is my sincere hope that this will not have been one event, but a spark that ignites a series of bigger and better events directed through your outstanding Skills USA Leadership and brought forward by you.

So, do you have an issue you want to address?  Do you want to continue bringing spirit to Davies? Do you want to keep helping improve your community and showing that Davies leadership? I do.  Let’s keep this inspiration rolling.  Nicely done, Davies!