About this blog:

This blog is for all students–past and present–who are on the path to success.

Success comes to us in strange ways, in its own time, and never without vision and hard work.  Anyone can be a success. Anyone can have the Next Big Idea.  Why not you?

We will post classroom posts, work, and inspiration. Braincountry will do more than replace the textbook. It will be a reflection of all of us. Please consider guest posting or showcasing your work here.

Policies for guest posting: 

This isn’t my blog–I have enough blogs. It’s yours. Please submit quality work for guestposting to dcasey@daviestech.org with the subject line “Braincountry: Guest Post.” Don’t worry if it has a few mistakes. That’s what editors are for.  You may submit personal writing, success stories, or stories relevant to classroom or school events and/or assignments. Anything you choose to publish will be public and must be approved by the moderator.


Policies for commenting:

This is an open blog. Anyone can share our thoughts. Here are the “rules for commenting.” Violators may be politely warned then banished to the netherworld.

1. Be relevant

2. Stay on topic

3. Comment using a positive voice even when expressing cool feedback


Follow class discussion on Twitter: @braincountry

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