Know Your Rights

What are your rights as a consumer? We often look at consumer protections in terms of things like the lemon law or product safety, but they go deeper than that.

You will come upon a situation where you need redress. You’ll need to be able to know how to pursue a complaint professionally.  

1. Which agency do I use?

2. What do I really want as far as indemnification (being put back in the position I was in before the situation occurred)?

3. What’s the correct–and kindest–way to get this resolved?

Think of as many situations you know where a product was unsafe, not what you expect, a company didn’t do the right thing, or you found you got the short end of the stick. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but often it’s the smooth operator who gets the job done. 

Research as many government protection agencies as you can, and what they currently handle as far as protecting consumers. Remember, this is what your tax dollars pay for. We’ll discuss their role in society… and oh yeah, taxes, too. You got to pay The Man if you expect to have protections under the government. 


Resource: Chapter 1 outline from the official economics book has lists of consumer protection agencies, but these change constantly. Know that you must research to see what divisions and agencies will be handling your complaint. 


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