What’s the Definition of Freedom?

What is your definition of freedom? Freedom of speech? Thought? Privacy? 

Freedom to make a living? 

In order to discuss the law, we need to identify what freedoms you think it should give you. We can trace this all the way back to American constitutional history, where the Founding Fathers nailed down documents that gave you the ideas you now have about freedom. Let’s put this in context, by taking a quick look at the Constitution of the United States.

Critical questions: 

1. What were the original freedoms you see in the Constitution?

2. Who were they for?

3. Were they applied equally?

4. Were they ever intended to be applied equally?

5. When did each oppressed group get it’s freedom? 

6. What are specific freedoms listed in the Constitution?

7. Are there any freedoms you enjoy and take for granted that you can’t find in that document?

8. Are we missing any specific mentions of freedom as you see it? 

Challenge: Find one egregious (really, really big) violation of freedom. This can be an article, video, or simply a mention of a situation in the world today. Mention it in the comments. 






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