Game Show: How Dumb Are You When It Comes to Money?

The smartest teens in the world, when it comes to money, are in Shanghai, according to an article posted by Forbes. Take a moment to read the article… I’ll wait…Note where the US scores. It’s pretty ugly, isn’t it. Let’s have someone interpret this graph for us, so we don’t fall at the bottom of the barrel for math and reading, too. This just gets worse as we go along, doesn’t it? What trends are you seeing in world-wide emphasis on financial literacy. Really consider the countries that are scoring high and low.

“A fool and his money will soon be parted.” –Old Proverb. Probably written by the dude who took the fool’s money. 

Critical questions: 

1. How did we get to such a sad state of affairs?

2. How can we reverse these trends?

3. What is the BASELINE knowledge you need to survive? Can you beat the kids in Shanghai, or is it hopeless?

4. What’s the graph trying to tell us as far as our place in world-wide financial literacy education?


The moment of truth… Take this quiz, located at the Council for Economic Education’s website. Let’s look for the fool whose money will be taken and the smooth operators who will take the cash. If you’re the fool, don’t worry… a year’s worth of economics and financial education will save you. Get ready for your wake up call… begin! 



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