Youth & the Law: a.k.a. “How Not to Get (insert word here)”

Generic Protest

The law is a sticky subject. It’s flexible, versatile, and applies to different subjects in different ways. We interpret the law differently depending on different situations. A good lawyer can get a guilty person out of trouble, and a bad attorney could allow Jesus to be sent to jail.

We have conservative judges, liberal judges, and moderate judges. Our cultural shifts change the way we interact with and see the law.

This class will be about how we interact with the law. We’ll interpret, discuss, debate, and research areas of the law that apply to us. Then, we’ll look at constructive ways to make the law work better for us. When it doesn’t, we’ll ask why. Asking why doesn’t change society for the better. We’ll learn appropriate ways to take action using the law.

Remember this: Gandhi was a lawyer.

I don’t know if there was any point in saying that, but it’s something to think about.

By the way, doing the right thing using the law is generally not the easy path. That’s something worth noting. It’s generally the hard road, requiring courage, determination, intestinal fortitude. You can sit and study the law all you want, but it’s hard to stand up to injustice.

I’m not saying you have to. You don’t have to go to Ferguson. You don’t have to crusade for equality. You don’t even have to write an article about things that may need change in your community. But you do have to ask the questions. If you do, you may ask not ask yourself “Why,” but you may ask yourself “Why do I allow this to happen?”

That’s what this course is all about.


[Photo Credit: Dr. Heckle. ]

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