A Day in the Life of the Future

This guest post by future author and present genius Jakob Castro represents what might become of us in the future if we don’t “de-revolutionize.” 

Everything is automated. Getting out of bed, putting on my clothes, brushing my teeth. It’s all automatic. Technology has advanced to the point where it removes the need for a subconscious. Humans are carried throughout the day with the extreme convenience of these devices that do so much for you. It’s sort of depressing. We are no longer able to feel the accomplishment of taking care of ourselves. We’re constantly dependent of these things. It sort of makes me wonder what would happen to society if it all shut down; even for a day. Would we even be able to live? I’m afraid that people are so used to being risen out of bed by a mechanical arm. I’m worried that when someone walks to the kitchen and food isn’t immediately available, they literally won’t know what to do. 

Only the scientists and engineers creating these things use their brains anymore. The rest of the population is just animals under constant control and surveillance.  I’ve strived to try to break away from this technology as much as possible. I study how humans lived in the past and I attempt to embrace it, so that I may be self-sustaining rather than reliant on these materialistic things. I hope that my actions will be passed down to my children. I refuse to let technology take over my life. Convenience has inevitably turned into burden, and I seem to be the only won realizing it. 

We need to de-revolutionize. 



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