I Know What You Did Last Summer

Most of us use features on our phone that require GPS or geolocation. This means that our phones collect, store, and transmit data about our present, past, and (depending on Facebook) possible future locations. We tell it everything. 

This is convenient for me when I want to find my way around traffic or navigate to a new place. It’s great when I want to check in somewhere with a friend. 

It might not be great if you’re up to something, or if you just want a little privacy. Going to rob a bank? Geolocation will find you. Going to do a little Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s Day shopping for that special person? Geolocation knows. 

Crimes have been solved using these features, cheating spouses have been caught and lies unfolded. Houses of vacationing people have been robbed. 

“What,” you say. “I’m honest.” So am I. So, for me, the convenience of having all things Google, geolocation notwithstanding, outweighs the risk of privacy. I’m fairly public and out there. You can read my thoughts or just ping me and ask. I’ll tell you. And I don’t get out much these days. Google doesn’t have that much to track… 

Or does it… 

Is there too much information out there? Even for the honest person? You decide. 
Review this Learnist board and add to the comments, both on the board and for this blog post. 

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