Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

At the same time as the American Civil War was just wrapping up, Alice in Wonderland was taking England by storm. Lewis Carroll, born Charles Dodgson, the son of a preacher and one of eleven children, all of whom survived into adulthood, was an author, professor, and photographer. 
His legacy is highly controversial.  Read through this Learnist board on Carroll and decide–was he a genius or a deviant?  When deciding, it’s important to look at the context of the times. Can we judge people, ideas, and situations in history by today’s standards? People often do. After reading through the Learnist board, please offer your opinion on the life and times of Carroll and Alice in Wonderland focusing on the following: 
1. History: There are so many references to the Age of Imperialism, the roles of women in society and social history. 
2. Fantasy and Imagination: Some of the best innovators fall into this category. How has fantasy and imagination resulted in inventions and innovations that make the world a better place?
3. The Rabbit Hole: Have you ever encountered a person or idea that changed your life forever? That made it so you never saw the world the same way again?  How can this help you change the world? You might not have had this experience yet. If not, think of someone you admire who has had an epiphany and been that kind of game changer as a result. 
Regardless of where you fall on the issue of Carroll, his stories are inspiring. “Sometimes, I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” 
That’s exactly the kind of thinking that makes us magic. 

11 thoughts on “Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. I personally believe that Lewis Carolls’s brilliance is very unique. Not everyone can appreciate the work that he has done, especially in Alice in Wonderland. His great imagination is translated into the variety of characters and their own special personalities which can not be compared to the characters or plot of novels by other authors. The group of characters in this novel/film will not vanish from people’s memories because of the uniqueness of Lewis Caroll and his non-comparable work

  2. I think that Lewis Carroll was not a deviant at all! The photos that he used to take were a bit creepy; however they have a reason behind them. It is stated that the reason for why he took these kind of photos was to show innocence in children. In Alice in Wonderland he lets his imagination take the lead! I find it absolutely amazing how he was able to think of all the small details that make up the big plot of this story. From the talking rabbit, to the irascible Queen of Hearts. A crazy person would not have been able to make up such story.

  3. I believe that Lewis carol had been a brilliant written who had been inspired by his environment. He had just been trying to spread hope and charisma throughout his story with this little girl who had not known what to do.He wrote this during the civil war which had not been pretty their had been allot of blood spilled in the war and people were beginning to feel grim about their days and when he came about with this story this had spread hope. I Believe he was Brilliant.

    • I’d love for you to take another dig into this history, Lucaus…sure, this was published at the same time as the Civil War, but it was unrelated… I was just making a comparison to give you a frame of reference to when it was–read through the Smithsonian article and the photo galleries. Do they put a clearer spin on it?

  4. I believe that Charles Dodgson (a.k.a Lewis Carroll) is far from a deviant! When put under the microscope of pop culture and political standing, any fault of a man may seem major. Every point made is under speculation, to make these claims even less reputable. Just because a focus of his photography may partly be of adolescents doesn’t mean that he has an insatiable keen lust towards them. He’s a critically acclaimed creative and mathematical genius whether or not he may be a creep nonetheless!

    • You’ve always got such a take on things that I believe you’d benefit this blog as either a guest poster or a columnist. Would love to have some of your in depth thoughts and perspectives showcased here.

  5. I think Lewis Carol is a genius. He was probably bringing to life a world he imagined when he was a child or is just wanted to make a fantasy world. I think it is pretty cool.

  6. I believe that Lewis Carroll was a deviant. Alice in Wonderland is a story that follows a young girl that falls into a rabbit hole and continuously takes many different drugs to shrink and grow. She encounters many strange creatures and people, like the blue caterpillar in his own hookah lounge. This whole movie is drug infested. Only a mad person could have dream’t this.
    -Kristy Humes & Jake Castro, 7F

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