Genius Hour Pitches

So, you have an idea. You’re running with it. And then…

You realize that there’s something missing.  You’ve left something out. A big something. A project-crippling something.

You need to organize. You need to answer the BIG QUESTIONS. You need to write your pitch. If you were stuck in an elevator for two minutes with your idol, what would you want to say about your passion–about your project? How could you make it unforgetable?

1. What is your passion? What’s your project all about?

2. What problem are you solving? How does your project make the world better?

3. How do you attend to accomplish this? What secret ingredient does YOUR group have that will make the world AWESOME or solve the problem you intended to tackle?

4. Ask for something. What do you want your audience to do? Support your cause? Donate? Watch your video? Join your organization? Shop fair-trade? Eat more vegetables? Be clear. Be direct. Ask.

Make your presentation beautiful, clear, and exciting. The world is at your door…

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