What the World Eats

Food and water are critical subjects on the world stage. 

Time Magazine shows “What the World Eats” in pictures. It’s a very insightful look into the diets of the wealthy and the poor, the most developed and the least developed nations. Time shows what we value, in terms of food, family, and lifestyle. 

There are many food documentaries out there that outline our food crises–the unintended consequences of building an industrial based food infrastructure in America, with experts building arguments on both sides of this subject: 

  • for and against GMOs (health and safety factors vs. food availability and pricing, nutritional content)
  • for and against factory farming (health and safety factors vs. food availability and pricing)
  • for and against certain diet lifestyles (locavores, vegan/vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free)

Consider these arguments carefully as you decide on a food and health lifestyle that is right for you. Consider whether there is injustice in the national food supply and what we might do to correct that. Are you happy with the food choices you make? Do you live a healthy and balanced lifestyle or might you be at risk for health issues mentioned in the documentary Food, Inc?

There are no completely right or wrong answers, because the industrial food supply chain in this country has the responsibility for feeding a lot of people both in and outside of America. However, there are situations where we, as a nation, can do much better in food pricing, quality, availability, and quality. Please put your thoughts in the comments. 


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