The Fury of Nature

The first time I watched The Day After Tomorrow, it seemed unrealistic. Today, after several years of changing global weather patterns, and severe storms, including Hurricane Sandy, it seems far more likely to happen. 

Critical Questions: 

Are we prepared? If not, how prepared do we need to be?

Is the frequency of natural disaster increasing?  Are things getting more insane? 


Let’s look into and discuss a couple of case studies in the natural disaster department. Is there anything we can do about this, or are we doomed? Use this form to organize your thoughts. 


3 thoughts on “The Fury of Nature

  1. It seems that way, In 1978 we had the biggest snow storm in New England. but it seems strange how just last year we came close to topping that record, but then this year meteorologist say this year could be twice as bad! I would asume weather here in New England is getting worse. globaly things are also acting strange, with the earthquake off the shore of japan and a hurrican striking haiti, its just a matter of time before somthing else happens.

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