“What Breaks Your Heart?”

We’ll work to identify the larger issues in the world that really cause you great sadness… things that break your heart that you wish you could change about the world. We’ll do this every Friday.  By the end of the year, you will be producing SOMETHING that addresses the problem. You will obey “the code.”

The code: “I promise to give all of my genius to this problem. I will not hold back. 

  • Promise to give all your genius to this subject–no holding back.
  • Promise to reach out and network on your issue–research the problem, communicate with others in the world, get people to support you on this.
  • Promise to do everything you can to move forward on this issue. You will change the world!

This activity has evolved from the lesson I’ve started with you already. On Fridays, we were working to identify issues on the world stage to become experts. You each chose themes you most wanted to research. You’d be the experts.

Yesterday, I had the chance to attend an amazing speech by Angela Maiers where she took the lesson we were going to do to the next level.  She asked “What breaks your heart about these issues? What are you going to do about it.” Truth is, we have amazing power we often fail to use. 

I changed our long-term lesson to include elements of Angela’s project.  Her quote to all students is “You are a genius. The world needs your contribution.” This is something we’ve said in this class, but sometimes we don’t take the time to act. This year, we won’t hold back!

The moral of the story: As you connect with your friends, family, communities, and the outside world, the ideas you have get better. You meet people who help you make things happen. You feed off other people’s energy, ideas, connections, and resources… and you change the world.  “Together, we are smarter.”  It was a theme I heard not only in Angela’s talk–she brought students to tell us their experiences, too, but it was a theme I heard over and over from the nation’s top innovators. The more we connect, the better we can make things happen!

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