“The Rich Get Richer”

This is the title of a post taken from The Economist showing how incomes have changed over the last hundred years.  The Business Insider’s numbers are shocking as well. This is worth noting. It’s important to look at situations in the economy that cause economic downturn, but also to examine periods of recovery, as well. There’s always money to be made in both times–successful entrepreneurs see areas of opportunity in both times. Great wealth has been made in even the most troubling of economic times.

Critical Questions: 

1. What are some of the trends you see in these numbers?

2. What are the possible consequences of these trends?

3. What types of opportunities are available for you in an economy where it is getting harder to make money and harder to find a stable job that you’ll keep for the rest of your life? People do not stay at one job for their whole lives like they did two generations ago. How can you convert opportunities into a livelihood?

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