Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 5.38.48 AMYou go to the faucet. You drink.

You take an hour-long shower after practice.

You leave the water running while you brush your teeth.

Nobody calls the plumber for a leak.

These are issues that could never happen in many parts of the world–because there is no water.

According to 100People.org, right now, our planet is in a global water crisis. .3% of water is accessible.  “Water is very local.” It’s expensive to access and not usable in many parts of the world.  The demand for water outpaces the supply.

Critical questions:

What are some of the issues surrounding water issues?

What is necessary for agriculture? Can it be reduced or repurposed?

What can the average consumer do to reduce consumption?

Can we create potable water sources?

How can we redistribute water to those in need?

How does water affect geopolitics?

How do we stop water wars?


Use these Learnist resources on water to help you become more informed on the water issues facing the world today. Make your own board educating us about critical water issues we have not yet considered.


[image: peakwater.org.  Water crisis in S. Sudan]




2 thoughts on “Water

  1. One issue with water is that over 3.4 million people die from either, lack of water, or lack of sanitary water, and 780 MILLION people are having problem with water situations and are struggling to survive. Mean while back in america people are living free and washing their cars with GALLONS of water…

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