The Ten Things That Affect You…

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 5.27.29 AMWe take the world for granted. There are issues all around us that need to be solved. Issues on a local, regional, and national level sometimes loom unsuspecting on the horizon…they don’t always seem to affect us, but they do.

Critical Question: 

What are the ten most critical issues facing the world today?

How do they affect YOU?

This year, we will investigate this question. Current Events isn’t always about the broadcast news, although that’s part of how we get our information. We need to be able to get accurate information, filter it for perspective, spin, and identify key problems. Only then can we solve them.

Please discuss the critical question in the comments.


One thought on “The Ten Things That Affect You…

  1. The issue that i would consider the most important, would have to be water. Water is a big issue because its life threating when without. People have to travel hours to their closesed water supply to provide for his/her family. We need to figure out how to solve this issue of global concern.

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