Things That Affect You: The Butterfly Effect

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 5.36.21 AMEverything in the world is interrelated. There are so many things that affect us–we go about our daily lives never really seeing the most serious issues–the face behind the coffee I just drank, the person who grows our food, the fact that, while you just took an hour-long steaming shower, people in remote villages walk miles to contaminated ponds and streams.

“The butterfly effect,” is an old Chinese theory that states that everything affects everything else. The wind generated by the wings of a butterfly sets off a very small reaction that in turn dominoes into something else, and before you know it, we have a tsunami. The world stage isn’t much different.

Learning to recognize the causes and effects of major world events–as well as the things right around us–is no small task. It requires insight and attention to detail. As we do this, we learn the primary lesson–things in the world matter to us. More importantly, when you flip that lesson around, you learn you matter to things in the world.

How, do you suppose, is this true?


 Critical Question:

What are the ten largest issues facing the world today?




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