End of the year thoughts. Oh. And a survey.

This year is ending. I figured I’d get the course surveys out of the way before you’re angry about the final exams. 

This was a transitional year for me–I really thought about how to get us out of the book, dealing with day-to-day issues in our courses. I expect to digitizing courses to be an ongoing process, now now that we’ve worked on the process together. I appreciate the feedback you’ve given me thus far, and I’m grateful that you took time this year to be my students. 

“We didn’t choose to come,” people always say.

I disagree. You did. You came, you brought it, and even on days that were tough most of you powered right through. For those of you who didn’t quite get to that finish line, don’t beat yourself up–learn from the year. Put it under your belt and say, “I’ve got this next year.” Because, I’ll let you in on a secret, many of my most successful friends have failed at some time in their lives. It’s part of the process–just don’t make it a habit. Learn. Go. Be great. 

Please check this blog from time to time throughout the summer–I think I’m going to keep it up over the break. Additionally, feel free to send in guest posts. I’m going to initiate them for next year. 

Finally: DON’T FORGET TO TAKE THIS SURVEY!!!  I need the information to craft next year. No, I don’t know what I’m teaching, but I need your help to make sure I do it well. 


Hack for Change


We discussed the uses for Civics–each of you gave an area of interest–one area–even if you don’t care about the broader political spectrum, that you care about. Some of you said social justice. Others cared about immigration issues, marriage equality, crime, community improvement…you each had issues you agreed were important to you. 

I came across this today–Hack for Change. I wish I noticed it sooner, but it’s the foundation of what this course, Civics, is all about. Find something. Care about it. Work to improve it. 

If you can do those things, you have mastered civics. I don’t care how many laws you memorize or politicians you recognize on CNN. If you can effect change, you can control the world.