Conspiracy, Brainwashing, and Apple Pie

We watched The Manchurian Candidate because you can’t really ever get enough of Denzel, as someone noted in class, but it went a bit deeper. This film showed the dark side of American politics–it’s a remake of a film that starred Frank Sinatra, and used possible Communist takeover as the backdrop for political control.

Is this film so far fetched? Is it possible for a candidate to be totally controlled by special interests? Maybe putting implants in the heads of military officers and commanding them to assassinate key officials on command is a little extreme…or is it?

Critical questions: 

1. What is the nature and range of mind control? Aren’t we all controlled by outside forces just a little bit?

2. Are there situations where lobbyists and political organizations control candidates and influence decisions?

3. Are there concrete, hard-core situations where the military or government has engaged in research involving substances, mind techniques, or other research designed to create the Super Soldier?


Research and post about at least one of the critical questions. Then, develop a topic educating the class on one of these questions. Include visuals, links, or citations as appropriate.

  • Use at least three sources to verify your research.
  • Evaluate your sources–conspiracy theory info is rampant on the web.  Be prepared to discuss the validity of each source, and why you believe it to be an objective source, or, if not objective, accurate. If your source is clearly one-sided, explain the perspective of the source.
  • You will conduct a three to five minute presentation based on your research.

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