What can you change?

We watched a film clip about change. Students, the East LA 13, organized and staged a protest to correct inequality in their school system. Recall that we discussed the climate of the times, and that violence was often a risk of protest.

Please review the Learnist boards linked above and consider the elements of protest.

Critical questions:

1. What makes your issue important enough?

2. Do you have support?

3. How does the community view you?

4. What are the risks of conducting this action?

5. Is everyone dedicated enough to see this through to the end?

Your task today:

1. Make a short list of things you would like to see changed.

2. Which, if any, pass the test?  Do you need to do something small to fix them or something very large-scale?

3. Choose an item. Make a plan for fixing it. Remember–things that need change do not always need boycotts, protests, and actions, as seen in this movie. Sometimes things are very simple to fix using the proper channels. That is the goal of civics–learning about those channels, and applying them to issues that affect you.

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