Pursuit of Everything

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I fell in love with this manifesto–before you go back to playing Call of Duty or ignoring your parents, stay with me.

It’s been scientifically proven that you are what you do and who you  hang out with. Your top five friends will shape your life. Think–who are your friends? What do they stand for? Do they bring you up or down? In ten years, will your friends be game-changers, innovators, or sitting on a bar stool somewhere never making anything happen.

If you don’t know who your five best friends are, check your Facebook or Twitter feeds. Who is there the most?  If you count the positive comments and then the negative comments, which number would be greater?

What is the life you would like to lead? If you’re going out into the world next year and wonder what that’s going to look like, I urge you to read The Life and Times of A Remarkable Misfit by A.J. Leon.  He left his high-powered job to travel the world. If you read one page, you will become inspired, if you read two, you will probably start making plans to do something, and if you read the whole thing, you may just change the world.


6 thoughts on “Pursuit of Everything

  1. I agree that who you hang out with, define who you are. Whether it be it smoker’s, drug addict’s or even those who just like to spend afternoons playing video games, these are the guy’s or girl’s speak for what you stand for, if your lazy, active, or fun to be with. That’s why we should watch who we hang with, if not they can change who you really are, or who you want or going to be.

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