Thoughts on the Second Amendment

We have examined the Second Amendment, debating and discussing the roots and the consequences of violence in society. Morgan Spurlock’s 30 Days showed both sides of the debate.

This Learnist board on the Second Amendment gives the perspective of several experts on policy, politics, news, and society.  Please use this as we move further into our discussion entitled

“All we are saying…is give peace a chance.”

Does “peace” need to have restrictions on personal liberties? Can we increase our level of connectedness and involvement in the community? Is all hope lost?

Our topics will include: 

1. Continued discussion of the Second Amendment

2. Gandhi and satyagraha

3. The role of the media in perpetuating violent images

4. Personal responsibility

5. The criminal justice system in America

6. Restorative Justice: Does it work?

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Second Amendment

  1. My thoughts on the second amendment is that people shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun unless they’re a policemen or are required to have one because of their job. Guns are mostly used incorrectly and have killed many people. I don’t see why people should be allowed to carry one because it just provokes violence.

  2. Peace needs to have at least some restrictions on personal liberties, because if there aren’t any restraints, things can get out of hand and this “peace” will shift to chaos.

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