I’m just a bill

This quarter, we’ll be discussing the three branches of government.  Let’s start with a discussion about how bills really become laws.  You have suggested that Congress may not be receiving the highest approval ratings in your minds.  Let’s analyze the causes.

Start with the job of Congress, which is to make the laws.  Take a look at this Learnist board on “How a Bill Becomes a Law.” 

Critical Questions: 

1. Who is at fault when bills get deadlocked in Congress?

2. What influences does the average member of Congress have pulling at him or her on any given day? Who wants stuff from them?

3. What things may slow a bill in committee?

4. What role does partisan politics (political parties not playing well with others) play in slowing down the passing of bills?

5. How could the efficiency of Congress be approved?

6. Does the threat of a presidential veto have any effect on Congress?

7. Who do you think is more effective–a freshman Congressman who has new energy and ideas, or a seasoned incumbent who knows the system and has contacts?

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