Why You Read 1000 Things About Change and Never Change

This article is by Eric Barker, who is a very good author–he considers pretty much anything, but he always backs it up with science, math, and fact.  I’m not even going to discuss all of his topics, but I will say that it proves a couple of things:

1. You can write about anything, and if you do it well, people will pay you and you will get a large following.  So, write about things you love, do it well, and back up what you say with evidence–that’s basically the bottom line of every class I teach, by the way–I’ve researched some pretty obscure things, and my graduate advisor wrote about baseball in history.  If he can do that, you can do anything!

2. Math and science truly are awesome.  I love science and hated math my whole life. I cried in college–had to take calculus a million times. They had to send me to a special tutor. However, sometimes the way we learn these things is so–not awesome–that we need a word I can’t include here.  Use math and science to back up what you say as often as possible.  Sometimes you’ll be wrong, like half the news broadcasters chucking around numbers, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll sound super smart and no one will ever question you. [Note: I’m just kidding on that. Try to add right.]

3. You should be reading stuff like this more often. I’m not saying you have to read Eric or me, or anyone else for that matter, but the fact is, you all have so much technology at your disposal. When you use it to do smart person things, you get smarter.  I like to be the dumbest person in the room on occasion, because that means I get to listen to really smart people. Reading smart people’s stuff is sort of the same way. I get ideas, vision, and it lifts me up. When you spend your time doing things that don’t increase your brain power, everyone else just got that far ahead of you. It’s a scientific fact. So, research and follow a couple news channels, blogs, motivation sites.  Follow the areas that matter to you–could be anything…the environment, inspirational quotes, sports heroes, public policy people doing the right thing, the Dalai Lama on Facebook…Anything.

So, get out there, and change yourself for the better.  Start by reading Eric’s wonderful article. 

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