The End of the World As We Know It Part Two

After discussing the many ways humans and biopathogens threaten the world, we will be curating a curating some materials to cheer ourselves up.  Consider the many ways that environmental and biological factors influence life patterns on this earth. Humans interact with their environment, depending on it for their culture and their very survival.

Critical Questions:

1. Who is doing the critical research on these issues?

2. What agencies are responsible for keeping us safe in the event of disaster?

3. Both films “The Day after Tomorrow” and “Contagion” showed breakdown of systems–governments, health care systems, and basic infrastructure.  What would you do in an emergency of epic proportions? Is it possible to prepare?

Please leave your thoughts and research below.

2 thoughts on “The End of the World As We Know It Part Two

    • Yo, I’ve technically upheld my end by considering giving you a grade. Although I haven’t followed through in reality…Most excellent attempt, my good scholar… perhaps you’d feel more comfortable generating an original piece of artwork on this subject which I would then scan into this blog for the benefit of the world?

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