The End of the World as We Know It

Scientists are arguing about global climate change. There are camps that support the notion that our lack of attention to environmental issues is crumbling the globe, and there are camps that say that the data is wrong.

We will be examining this in detail with some films, news articles, and discussion of natural and biological disaster, answering these critical questions:

1. Is the global climate changing? Where’s the evidence.

2. How does the increase in natural disasters affect the lives of people, geography, and the global economy?

3. Can we take measures now to curb the effects of disasters?

4. Are we at risk for a global pandemic?

5. How do scientists and public health officials identify and stop the spread of health risks in an increasingly globalized world?

Consider these questions. Think closely about how the United States creates policies to identify and address these very serious issues that affect us all.

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