The United States Constitution: How Did It Come to Be?

Our next topic will include discussion of our current form of government and how it came to be.  We will be debating about our particular form of democracy (we are, in fact, a Constitutional Republic), analyzing the Articles of Confederation, and comparing them to the Constitution of the United States.

Please look through the following learnboards.  Comment on the learnings having to do with the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution:

Founding Documents board

Founding Documents 101 board

The United States: A Constitutional Republic board

Critical Questions:

Who were the Founding Fathers that most influenced the design of our government?

What influenced those men?

What is the design of our government based upon?


2 thoughts on “The United States Constitution: How Did It Come to Be?

    • I’m hoping, however, that we’re doing it on a much deeper level–that’s the goal. I know, people throw standard educational themes at you, but as you progress, you should realize that the answers lie within you–research, state your opinion, and defend it…rather than just using a paragraph in a book or a handout. Thoughts?

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