Rebellion and Revolution

One of the major themes of the Hunger Games was rebellion and revolution.  We watched a BBC special, “How Facebook Changed the World: The Arab Spring.

This BBC timeline shows patterns of revolutions in many of the Arab states.

Today in Syria, the revolution continues.


Foreign Policy Syria Page


Critical Question:  After our discussion of the theme of “revolution” from the film and our viewing and discussion of the documentary, comment on the following:

At what point does discontent turn to revolution?  How is modern day revolution different than revolutions in the past? Do you think that modern technology gives the people more rights, or gives the government more ability to crack down?


2 thoughts on “Rebellion and Revolution

  1. The word rebellion gives the impression of somtething never to be done nor even considered,but what if something deserves to be rebelled against?,like a corrupted government or unequal rights.This is essentially why revolution happens,to overthrow a leader cant lead efficiently.

    • Awesome thoughts–word choice is definitely important. When you look at “rebellion” in American history–we’ve talked about this–what made the Founding Fathers “patriots?” They weren’t patriots to King George… it’s all about perspective.

      Rebellion with a just cause? Who gets to decide if the cause is “just?”

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