Modern Day Civil Rights

We have spent the quarter discussing civil rights.  We have looked at Muhammad Ali and his role in protesting the Vietnam War. We discussed the role of Malcolm X before and after his hajj and his changing attitudes toward civil rights.  We discussed student groups such as SNCC, CORE, COFO and others in grassroots student organizations in organizing and carrying out protests against discrimination and in registering African-Americans to vote.

We also discussed the evolution of the women’s rights movement, which evolved from Civil Rights, and some of you have suggested that civil rights never fully took effect in the United States, as there is still discrimination against many groups of people based on income, social class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and race.


List the groups you’d like to discuss and provide a case study involving an unfair situation involving that group. What was the resolution of this case? Was it fair?  How would you solve the inequality.

Please take advantage of the following Learnist boards:

Mohammad Ali, Civil Rights, and the Vietnam War

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Stokely Carmichael

Voices of Freedom

Protest: Music and Movements that Shaped Society

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