Tonight is the second in a series of debates, this time between Vice President Joe Biden and VP hopeful Paul Ryan.   It’s scheduled to begin at 9PM sharp.

Watch and comment!

  • What are the most important issues?
  • Who do you think won the debate and why?
  • Based on the performance of these candidates, who do you think should be the Vice President?

5 thoughts on “Debates

  1. i think the most important issues are the job loss and nuclear weapons. I think that Joe Biden won because he made a lot better points then Paul Ryan. Based on this debate i think that Joe Biden should be the vice president.

  2. Anamilette per.3 the debate talks about how Mitt Romney gave money to help some students pay for college and he doesn’t usually talk about it and also if it was a good idea to barrow money from china. They also talked about the obama care and how they barrow thousandths of dollars to put in obama care.They keep on trying to roast on each other.

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