Reel to Real Civil Rights Update

We’ve been looking at what the class thinks are really cool movies, but are really a prelude to a hefty lesson in Civil Rights.

  • In “Ali” we saw the Champ protest the United States involvement in Vietnam on the grounds not only that he was a conscientious objector who didn’t believe in fighting, but that if he did need to fight, he’d fight against injustices to African Americans on the homefront.
  • In Malcolm X, we will investigate the two sides of the Civil Rights movement–peaceful nonresistance modeled by Martin Luther King and student organizations such as SNCC and CORE which eventually broke ties with movements that felt that nonviolent resistance (Gandhi’s satyagraha) was ineffective.
  • Please research using the learnboards on these subjects: Ali, Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Protest: Music and Movements that Shaped Society

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