If you had a choice…

Do you hate school?  Would you be here if you could choose to be somewhere else?  Have you told yourself “I can’t do this?”  Has anyone else ever told you you weren’t a good student?  Are you bad at math?  Do you hate history?  Is it tough for you to write an essay? Do you flunk tests? When your teacher says, “take out your notebooks,” do you want to cry?  Do you lack vision?  When someone says, “What do you want to do with your life,” do you want to hide in a room and play Call of Duty to avoid that question? Do you look at successful people as people so far in the clouds that the rest of us–the mere mortals–can never get there?

Let’s think about this–let’s think about YOUR talents, YOUR inspiration, and the steps you need to take to succeed.  YOU will be a success, and you will never let anyone tell you otherwise!  The Next Big Idea will come from…YOU! 


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